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Our Customers Say....

You need to know....

Details are important.  There are questions you must ask when hiring a Portable Toilet Professional for your event:

  1. What is their past experience in the event industry?

  2. How long have they been in the portable restroom rental business?

  3. What is their reputation in the industry?

  4. Do they or their staff have experience in event production or working with others in the event industry?

  5. Will there be a contact person in case you ever have a question or problem?

  6. Who will be delivering my unit? Is the person delivering the unit experienced with all aspects of the set-up, break down, and service of a portable restroom or trailer?

  7. Is there an emergency contact number in case of an issue after the unit is delivered?

  8. How soon can a professional be at your location if there is an issue?

  9. Do you offer references and personal testimonials?

  10. Do you offer a contract agreement?  Is there a deposit?  What is your cancellation policy?

The answers to these questions make Eliza J stand out from the rest!

Eliza says

"My background is in event development/design and administration. I also owned an entertainment agency and booked bands, DJ's and entertainment for both private and corporate entities. My resume includes working with some of the largest corporations such as Merck, ESPN, Sprint, Phfizer, Smith Kline Beecham, Fidelity, Genzyme, Bank of Tokyo, Bain and Company, McKinsey and Company, IBM, GE, GMAC, Intel..... We also provided our entertainment and restroom services to the Kennedy Family and other well known celebrities and their fund raisers. Together my husband and I have over 40 years combined experience in the event industry. We have provided our service for thousands of events over the years.... "

Don't leave it to any other company to see that you are well taken care of, leave it to Eliza J!


What Our Customers Say:

"Hey Eliza, Hope you and Ron are recovered from a long weekend!!! I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for all your help at the Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port. Ron even came to our rescue and helped pump out some water from our shower truck that was backed up!! We appreciate you guys truly always having our back. We couldn’t put this event together without the support of vendors like you and we appreciate your continued partnership over the years! This year’s event raised over $6.6 million dollars- a new record for our organization. We are so grateful we get to put on this event and help support our incredible programs all over the world. Next year’s event will be on Saturday, May 30th. Please reserve the date as we would love to work together again J Thanks so much! Courtney COURTNEY CHELEOTIS AMADO Manager, Special Events Logistics BEST BUDDIES GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS Miami, FL 33131

Even the placement is elegant! Ahead with Class! Inside ElizaJ